Peter Field

Peter Field may refer to:

* Pen name of Davis Dresser (1904–1977), American mystery and western writer * Pen name of W. Ryerson Johnson (1901–1995), American pulp fiction writer and editor * Pen name of Laura Z. Hobson (1900–1986) and Thayer Hobson * Peter Field, Portland-based songwriter for Henry Wolfe Gummer * Peter Field, vocalist and guitarist in Peter118, a British Christian punk band * Peter Field, councillor for the City of Tea Tree Gully, South Australia * Peter Field, founder of ''Risk'' (magazine) * Peter Field, third husband of Trisha Noble, Australian singer and actress * Peter Field, writer for the television show ''$40 a Day'' * Peterfield, home of John Fell (judge) Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Field, Peter
    Published 1982