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    by Ping-Chao Lee
    Published 2005
    ...This thesis reviews the system of governance of professional baseball in Taiwan, which has...
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    by Hsien Che Huang
    Published 2011
    Subjects: '; ...Taiwan professional baseball...
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    by Cheng-Hao Lai
    Published 2014
    ...) identify what kinds of experiences are found in Taiwanese professional baseball games; (2) test models...
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  4. 4
    by Cheng-Hao Lai, Guillaume Bodet
    Published 2012
    Subjects: '; ...Taiwanese professional baseball games...
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  5. 5
    by Riess, Steven A.
    Published 1999
    Edition: Rev. ed.
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    by Sheng-Hsiang Chen
    Published 2015
    ... and taekwondo competitors the least. The existence of a professional baseball league and a highly...
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