Eamonn Fingleton

Eamonn Fingleton (born 19 August 1948) is an Irish financial journalist and author who for 27 years covered global finance and economics from a base in Tokyo. His books, written for a general audience, deal with global economics and globalism. A former editor for the ''Financial Times'' and ''Forbes'', he has been published in ''The Atlantic Magazine'', ''The New York Times'', ''The Guardian'', ''The Washington Post'', ''The Harvard Business Review'', ''The American Prospect'', and ''Prospect''. He has published five books which have been translated into several languages. Three of them – all on global economic themes – were commissioned by US publishers and first published in the United States. Arguing that US observers systematically underestimate the East Asian economic model, he has long claimed that America is in decline. A central theme of his work is that because Japan has continued to invest in ever more advanced manufacturing, the Japanese economy has performed far better in recent decades than is generally understood in the United States. He holds that Japanese leaders have deliberately exaggerated their nation's problems in an attempt to assuage American angst about Japan's trade barriers. Provided by Wikipedia
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    by Fingleton, Eamonn
    Published 1981